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Paper Wipers

Paper wipers provide a wonderful alternative to cotton rags. Our private label offers a variety of materials, strengths and colors to suit your wiping needs at great pricing!

  • Virtually Lint Free Scrim Wipers

  • All Purpose DRC Wypall Wipers Equal

  • Virtually Lint Free Spunlace Wipers

  • All Purpose Airlaid Wipers



Kimberly Clark Wipers

Kimberly Clark is known in the industry as being a leading paper wiper manufacturer. Kimberly Clark has a variety of packaging options such as 1/4 Fold, Standard rolls, Jumbo rolls, Pop up boxes, and Brag Boxes.


  • Wypall L30 Wipers

  • Wypall L40 Wipers

  • Wypall X60 Wipers

  • Wypall X70 Wipers

  • Wypall X80 Wipers



Treated Dust Cloths

Classic Treated Dust Cloths have a special lint-grabbing technology, and CTC Supplies, Inc. can provide your cleaning service or janitorial staff with this superb dust cloths to help you with your jobs.

  • Classic Dust Cloths
    0170 - MDI 78403 Yellow Treated Dust Cloths,17" x 24", 1/6 Fold, 10 bags of 50 cloths, 500 per case
    0170SM - MDI 78404 Yellow Treated Dust Cloths13" x 17", 1/4 Fold, 10 bags of 50 cloths, 500 per case


Pre-Moistened Wipers

CTC Supplies, Inc. provides a variety of pre-moistened wipers that help to disinfect, clean and deoderize.

  • Disinfecting Wipes - Kills 99.9% of Bacteria in
    15 seconds, Kills Norovirus, plus many other viruses that other brand names do not kill

    1497 - Disinfectant Wipe, 6 buckets of 80 wipes                      1498 - Disinfectant Wipe, 2 buckets of 800 wipes

       1498R - Disinfectant Wipe, 2 refill rolls of 800 wipes

  • Waterless Hand Wipes                                                           1496 - Monk Mechanics Hand Wipes, 6 canisters of 72 wipes



Foodservice Wipers

CTC Supplies, Inc. provides sanitary, disposable wipers specifically designed for the foodservice industry.

  • Classic Foodservice Wipers
    0147 - MDI 97101 13" x 21.5", White, 1/4 Fold, 150 per case          0147B - MDI 97110 13" x 21.5", Blue, 1/4 Fold, 150 per case

  • Antimicrobial Foodservice Wipers                                                       0149 - MDI 97111 13" x 21.5", White with Red Stripe, 1/4 Fold, 150/cs

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