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CTC Supplies Inc. is proud to offer a great Textile Recycling Fundraising Program. Our dedicated division, MILWAUKEE TEXTILE RECYCLING, works with organizations to help host a clothing drive or clothing collection. We then purchase the clothing from the organization as a fundraiser. This green fundraiser is a great way to recycle used clothing, keeping it out of the landfill while easily raising money for your organization. This is a green fundraising opportunity for churches, charities, synagogues, schools, boy scout troops, girl scout troops, athletic clubs or community organizations. We will help you create this project to benefit your organization with no financial obligation on your part.

Recycling vs. manufacturing has many "green" benefits, including:

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Clean Air Preservation

Reduced Energy Consumption

Water Conservation

Woodland Conservation


Recycling textiles protects the environment from exposure to tons of harsh chemicals, waste products and waste water used in the manufacturing vs. recycling process of clothing.

45% of donated items are worn as second hand clothing.
30% of donated items are recycled into wiping cloths.
15% of donated items are reprocessed into fibers.
5%* of donated items are unusable.

*This number is shrinking, as more processing facilities become zero waste!

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