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Flannel Rags

Flannel rags are cut from soft, recycled flannel material. They are highly absorbent and are a great all-purpose wiper for use in cleaning and polishing.

  • Recycled Colored Flannel

  • Recycled White Hospital Flannel

Sweatshirt Fleece Rags

Sweatshirt rags are made from worn, recycled sweatshirts. They are known for absorbency and durability. Fleece rags as they are sometimes called, are a great multi-purpose wiper for any application with oil and grease.

  • Recycled Colored Sweatshirt Rags

  • Recycled All White Sweatshirt Rags

  • Recycled White w/Print Sweatshirt Rags


Other Rags

CTC Supplies, Inc. has a variety of specialty rags. We have materials for even the toughest application. Whatever your need, we're sure to find the right wiper for you.

  • New White Table Cloth

  • Recycled Colored Sheeting

  • Recycled Corduroy

  • Recycled Denim

  • Recycled Hospital Chenille

  • Recycled Medium

  • Recycled Near White

  • Recycled White Sheeting

  • Recycled White Tablecloth

  • Recycled White Wiper


Recycled Cotton T-Shirt Rags

Recycled T-Shirt Rags are the MOST POPULAR and perfect shop towels for all purpose use. Cut from recycled, cotton t-shirts, these are an economical, green and highly effective cloth wipers. When you want to be green, recycled is the way to go with a lot of variety of durability, softness and color, CTC Supplies, Inc. can find a recycled for your application.

  • Recycled Colored Knit T Shirt Rags

  • Recycled All-White Cotton Knit Rags

  • Recycled White Knit W/Print Rags


New Cotton T-Shirt Rags

New T-Shirt Rags are perfect for a variety of applications when a new wiper or rag is needed. Cut from new, domestic mill-end material they are absorbent, durable and a high-quality wiper. Painting, Staining, Polishing, Dusting and Cleaning applications.


  • New Colored Cotton Knit Wiping Rags

  • New Grey Cotton Knit Wiping Rags

  • 100% New White Cotton Knit Wiping Rags


Huck Towels

Virtually lint-free, highly absorbent towel. These are great for glass and window cleaning, as well as a variety of other applications.

  • Recycled Blue Huck Surgical Towels

  • Recycled Oatmeal Huck Surgical Towels

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